Training 2021

Join the training track sessions and meet the best start-ups, innovators, researchers and investors to connect & network.

Learn tips and tricks on patents and intellectual property rights, discuss technology transfers, pick up new pitching techniques and find out how to reach carbon neutrality.

Sharing knowledge is one of the aims of this event: do not miss the trainings scheduled over the two days of the summit.

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How it works

The Training Track is exclusively online. Couldn’t join us in Brussels? We got you covered! Sign up for our online sessions and sit back and relax! We will follow up with the connection details by the 20th November. What’s left for you? Check our sessions and Watch replay!

    25 November

  • Reaching Carbon Neutrality

    The webinar is meant for the SMEs that want to know more about what it means for strive for Climate Neutrality and the benefits it brings to your company. It will explore the most critical aspects of Climate Neutrality and how it can help your company in sustainable growth.

    Yousef Yousef, CEO of LG Sonic; Mathieu Cribellier, Project Director CO2logic; Carlos Garcia-Borreguero, Project Director CO2logic - Partner; Raul Daussa, Environmental engineer.

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  • Co-create with the EIC, for a greener Europe!

    This is session will outline the peer-to-peer and business partner co-creation activities included in the EIC GHG programme. There will be a round table discussion showcasing testimonials from beneficiaries and business partners who are participating in GHG co-creation.

  • Crowding-in capital: how to prepare your pitch to attract private investment

    An experienced investor/coach – José Martinez - will explain how investors and corporates estimate and judge a potential cooperation with a start-up. Practical do's and don'ts are also presented in a very accessible manner.

    José Martinez, CEO of an AI company, Investor on disruptive startups

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  • How to enter into the Security and Defense business ecosystem? The role of innovation procurement

    The European defense sector is comprised of a few top players along with hundreds of SMEs. While the top players are constantly looking for innovations, the small companies find it hard to get understand the business ecosystem and identify the right ways to get their innovations on it.

    Cristina Leone, Senior Vice President - Projects, Grants and Agencies at Leonardo

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  • First steps on a new market: India's opportunities

    Addressing international markets is often frightening for startups and small businesses.
    The session will provide an overview of how to enter the Indian market together with information on existing channels that could ease the way into India.

    Juliane Frömmter, Project Coordinator - India Market Exploration & Ecosystem

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