Phononic Vibes

Phononic Vibes introduces a new patented meta-material technology with unprecedented performances for noise and vibration reduction with a circular economy approach.

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Phononic Vibes

Noise is present in our everyday life and can seriously impact our health and living environment. A bypassing train, a nearby construction site, noisy home appliances or neighbors are just some examples. Phononic Vibes is introducing meta-material technologies to prevent you from those disturbances. Meta-materials “go beyond” the raw material itself, by achieving unprecedented noise and vibration reducing effects through physical shapes and geometries; independent from the chosen material itself. This makes the solution material agnostic, suitable to the specific use-case in different industries: for example, light weight (automotive, home appliances), transparent (infrastructure) and always recycled and environmentally friendly.

The technology originates from the research activities at Politecnico di Milano and Massachusetts Institute of Technology of its founders in the field of meta-materials, to achieve and engineer novel and unprecedented properties and pereformances, focusing on materials with a periodically architected topology.

With a design for production approach, three main industries are currently in focus:

1) Infrastructure: Phononic Vibes develops transparent, highly absorptive noise barriers (first one on global market) to protect neighborhoods nearby tracks or construction sites from emerging noise.

2) Transportation: Phononic Vibes lowers the overall mass of a vehicle by keeping the same (or better) acoustic comfort, leading to improved efficiency and lower emissions. This is achieved by increasing material performance and thus less raw material.

3) Appliances: with specifically designed component parts with meta-material properties, the future of home appliances such as kitchen hoods or washing machines will become quieter.