E-booths 2021

European Innovation Council (EIC)

EIC supports innovators in transitioning their ideas from the lab to the market.

GyroGear Ltd

GyroGear Ltd is developing the GyroGlove, a novel wearable platform that mechanically stabilises hand tremors.


Thanks to our triple filtration system, a GENAQ atmospheric water generator produces drinking water.

MeMed Diagnostics

A host-response med-tech diagnostics company.

Phononic Vibes

Phononic Vibes introduces a new patented meta-material technology with unprecedented performances for noise and vibration reduction with a circular economy approach.


C2C-NewCap develops innovative energy storage solutions for trucks.


Biovotec is an innovative business that develops Medical Devices that use a novel biomaterial.

Next generation of Terahertz Analogue-to-Digital Conversion

TeraSlice realizes spectral parallelization of ADC with bandwidths over 300 GHz


LEADERSHIP4SMEs aims to support IPR-driven SMEs and start-ups to scale-up fast

Bio-tech air refreshing: powered by moss

The world’s first regenerative biotech filter with measurable impact.