C2C-NewCap develops innovative energy storage solutions for trucks.

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C2C-NewCap developed GO-START, a supercapacitor that can make a truck run 100% on electric energy during resting periods, eliminating the need for idling and frequent battery replacement. The average EU truck spends on average 7000€ of fuel just idling, emitting 14 Tons of CO2 every year, which represents a cost both for the fleet owner and the environment. GO-START eliminates these costs, reducing lead residue produced by battery replacement by up to 88%.

C2C-NewCap is a Portuguese start-up founded in 2014, a spin-off of renowned engineering university Instituto Superior Técnico. We develop and manufacture energy storage systems for a wide range of applications and we are specialists in hybrid supercapacitor technologies.

Our proprietary energy storage technologies, technically called hybrid electrochemical capacitors, distinguish themselves by their high power and relatively higher energy and safety when compared with commercially available organic-based supercapacitors.

GO-START is C2C’s first commercially available product for application in engine starting and integrates our hybrid supercapacitor technology. GO-START is now used mainly in trucks, and contributes to eliminating the need for idling during the drivers resting periods, reducing both fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and operational hurdles for fleet owners, while also being environmentally friendly.

From electric mobility (i.e, e-buses) to renewables (i.e., pitch control in wind turbines), research and development are at the core of our company and there is an ongoing development and testing of new materials for energy storage. We are involved in both national and European projects and frequently engage with industry players across Europe and the U.S. to further develop energy storage technologies that are efficient and environmentally friendly, to ultimately, help companies transition to a more sustainable future.