Biovotec is an innovative business that develops Medical Devices that use a novel biomaterial.

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At Biovotec we are working to shape the future of wound healing. We aim to offer an unrivalled advantage for both patients and clinicians, by developing advanced wound care products, which combine functionality with an unprecedented competitive price.

BIOVOTEC developped a novel biomaterial based cost-effective wound dressings that can be used for initial treatment of all wounds at risk of delayed or non-healing, reducing the incidence of chronic wounds. Purified eggshell membrane protein is being developed as a biomaterial to enhance the early phasephase of wound healing through granulation induction and management of protease activity. DermaRep has generated interest from hospital groups in UK, Germany and France.

Wound Care Experts confirm that DermaRep’s price will qualify as Standard Care on current hospital budgets.

Biovotec has setup and verified the scalability needed to rapidly become an industry leader in advanced wound care.

DermaBand and can be used broadly as a tool to accelerate healing and contribute to avoid possible infections or challenges with antibiotic resistance bacteria. The scalable nature of our PEP technology platform opens up for other applications beyond wound healing.