Bio-tech air refreshing: powered by moss

The world’s first regenerative biotech filter with measurable impact.

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Bio-tech air refreshing: powered by moss

Air pollution is one of the world‘s biggest environmental issues, responsible for 1 in 7 deaths. Controlling this complex problem requires the cooperation of many different actors. Successful measures also often require long planning and implementation phases. Short-term measures against air pollution are therefore of great importance. Our products contribute to this by helping people in particularly polluted urban areas to enjoy cleaner air and thus better health and quality of life.

Green City Solutions is a pioneer in bio-tech air refreshing. We have developed the world’s first regenerative biotech filter with a measurable impact. Powered by specific mosses, our modules absorb actively polluted air and transform harmful containments into biomass and fresh air. Every unit is connected to our IoT infrastructure that enables highest performance and proof of impact. The basis of Green City Solutions is the idea of combining nature with digital technology. It utilizes the outstanding natural ability of living moss to filter fine dust and cool the ambient air. The interaction of sensors, intelligent ventilation, irrigation and software makes the natural cleaning power of moss usable and measurable. The CityTree is a combination of street furniture and biofilter - a bench at the bottom, a moss-covered surface at the top, and complex technology with an IoT interface inside.

This opens up further application possibilities, e.g. in the areas of smart city, (e-mobility) infrastructure and communication. The CityBreeze combines natural air filtration with digital presentation technology. On one side is a green, vitalizing moss wall with active filter technology and on the other is a 75“ LCD screen. This makes the CityBreeze the first out-of-home column that cools the ambient air instead of heating it up additionally. The combination, unusual at first glance, makes sense: both information and advertising as well as the microclimatic improvement of air quality is placed where as many people as possible react and benefit.