LEADERSHIP4SMEs aims to support IPR-driven SMEs and start-ups to scale-up fast

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- Leveraging IPR for start-up hypergrowth

LEADERSHIP4SMEs is an EU funded project targeting SMEs and start-ups developing disruptive technologies, protected through IPR. It develops a holistic program built around a core team of 8 partners with complementary skills covering technology transfer, IP protection, access to venture & debt funding and business development. It has the mission to support IPR-driven SMEs and start-ups them to integrate IP in their strategy and leverage it to access funding and business opportunities.

LEADERSHIP4SMEs has the ambition to develop a holistic programme, allowing innovative SMEs and start-ups to efficiently leverage their intangible IP assets to stimulate their growth by opening access to adequate funding opportunities, correlated with their business strategy and market potential. The programme will seek to align business strategy, funding opportunities and IPR management. It has created a community on the “Venture Development Platform” aiming to aggregate, beyond the core target groups of disruptive SMEs and start-ups and risk-finance experts, a community of organizations offering specific services and 360° expertise, along with tailored support services offered by the core consortium, a set of dedicated tools, as well as comprehensive information and training sources to implement an IPR-centric business development strategy.

LeadershIP4SMEs will select 15 high potential start-up and 15 SMEs interested in protecting and valorizing their intellectual property rights by offering support from a team of IPR, technology transfer, business development and funding experts that will include:
- Access to IPR support services.
- Assistance to define an IPR-centric business development strategy.
- Access to a pan-EU network of business and innovation partners, IP and funding experts.
- Access to proven tools and assistance to accurately assess investment readiness and define a step by step IPR-centric growth strategy.
- Access to feedback from IP experts and VCs.
- Access to funding and business opportunities.

LeadershIP4SMEs is open to start-ups and SMEs developing disruptive technologies who are planning to protect their innovation or who already have IP and would like to extend it, reinforce their IPR portfolio and leverage it for growth. The program targets in particular start-ups and SMEs who want to integrate IPR as a core pillar of their development strategy and leverage it in particular to improve access to funding and generate business opportunities.